SketchUp | Recent Problems I've Had

I have had many problems and errors while using SketchUp and today I will talk a little about one of the experiences I have had

I don't know if its just me but throughout the entire time I've been using SketchUp I have encountered so many errors and problems with SketchUp its not even funny. Well, I will get right down to it, about 2 weeks ago my brother asked me if I could make a 3D model of a logo in a writers curriculum. Its called "One Year Adventure Novel" and teaches you how to write a book properly. There is also a forums for it and on there he decided to make a knife and send it to the owner with it engraved with their logo .He had made the knife and needed the 3D model to send with his knife to a person who can then engrave the logo into his knife.

So I started from scratch and built the model he wanted. First I made the outline of the compass then started bringing it out and turned it into a 3D model and came up with this: I sent it to my brother which in turn sent it to the Engraver guy. The next day the guy replied saying that the model was built wrong and so I had to go through and figure out what I did wrong. Couldn't find anything that was amiss but re-modeled it anyway. Sent it strait to the guy and he still had problems, then I figured maybe he was having problems with the model being hollow which hadn't made a difference to me when I had it to 3D print. Anyway long story short I filled in the model and sent it to the guy again. Once more he had a problem loading it into his program.

I had one of my brothers help on this (Nicholas Harris). He figured out the problem pretty quick, the only trouble was putting it into action. Turns out the problem wasn't with the model itself it was behind it, I will explain. When you engrave something you upload a 3D model and it will cut it out, well the problem was that it had no sense of depth without a background to tell it where it should stop off. We tried several different things and sent it to the guy hoping that the problem was solved. Well, its been over a week now and no reply from the guy, so we don't know if it works or if it has another problem and just doesn't want go any further. Until further news this is the end of the post, thanks for reading!

SketchUp | Terrain Building


I have been using SketchUp a lot lately. I decided I would like to go further then where I am now. So I made terrain for the models that I made to make it look a little more realistic. I didn't know how to do this so I searched up a tutorial online and found exactly what I was looking for. The tutorial was a step by step on how to make what ever kind of terrain you would like.

Here is a link to the video that I o

After playing around with different terrains I decided I would add a model to it to see what it would look like. I made a Modern House and then made a beach terrain and added the house to it and I think it turned out okay but it could have been better. The problem I had with it was making the terrain after I made the house and not before to have the house go on the terrain instead of building the terrain around it, if I had done the terrain first then it would look more like the house was built on a beach instead of a beach built around a house.

Here is what I mean, this picture is without the terrain: 

And here is a picture of it with the terrain:

If you want to see every part of the house you can go to this link: but unfortunately the colors didn't upload so it is all white

One of the really awesome things about making terrain is that you can upload Google Maps/Earth and get the real life terrain and bring it into SketchUp to get a accurate size of where you want this house to be built. For example lets say you want to make a house next to you and you have a spot picked out, you open this area in SketchUp then you have the terrain of where you want the house to be. You then can build the house around the terrain and get a good sense of what it would look like in the desired spot of which you want it. If you had not done this then you would maybe like change some things when its too late and regret it. Having the terrain already there makes it easier for you to get a good sense of where you are and what you want changed before the house is already in motion to be built.


Hello once again

Today I am going to talk a little about a new program I am going to be using from here on out! SketchUp is a program that is sort of like SolidWorks but it more meant for designing houses and buildings, SolidWorks is used for engineering not for modeling buildings like what I have been using it for.

SketchUp is simple but advanced, what I mean by that is that it looks very simple but can get very advanced. SketchUp users are architects, designers, builders, makers and engineers. SketchUp allows you to draw out a shape then you can pull it into a 3D model, you can also put in the sizes you want to design the perfect home, you can drag, pull or even add furniture to see what it would look like in the real world. SketchUp also has the ability to add textures to your model to see what it might look like and get a better perspective on what you're going to put into real life. You can even upload your own textures into it or if you don't want to go to the extra trouble you can just use what it already has.

SketchUp also allows you to import blueprints and then you can bring those up and re-create a the house but in 3D form and maybe modify it a bit to get it to what you're looking for. I have not yet learned much about the program but it has interested me for making this my career in future years. Currently I have the student edition which does not allow you to use it for commercial use.

Here are 3 things I would like to use it for in the future:

1. I would love to design my own house in the future, as well as designing a cafe which I have had in mind for quite a while.

2. I would like to switch over from SolidWorks to this and create 3D models that I can create a blueprint for and then model it in real life as a house or whatever build I happen to do.

3. Also with SketchUp I would like to use this for moving things around in rooms and such by creating a 3D model of the room then add furniture to it and make it to what I want and then move stuff around in the room in real life and take what I did in the program and put it in real life

Texturing My Model

Hello once more!

A few days ago I started work on the texturing of the Model Mission. I got out grout and started painting the front side of it. After a little while, I realized I was getting low on the grout so I went into the garage to get more, well, long story short I couldn't find it and I knew I couldn't do much more because I was planning to do the entire building with grout. Anyway after that I remembered that I found a website that gives free textures, I went there and picked out a few good textures, and then I printed them out. It didn't work because the pictures were way too big. So then I had to put a bunch of them together to make it smaller, and that did the trick. Using the textures the way I did is a great solution to not having enough grout.

If you would like to find the same website and download a bunch of free textures go to where you can download 15 textures a day for free!

Unfortunately this means that I won't be having a 3D textures for the Mission, but I hope it will turn out good. Also if you're wondering how I got the paper textures on the foam, I used shipping label paper for that and it worked out great that way ;)

I got a brick wall texture and a brick roof texture and I made them the right size and scale to the Mission itself. Here are a few pictures of it:

I am hoping to release the tutorial on how to make this soon!

About and What I Am Planning For This Blog

Hey guys welcome back once more!

First off I would like to say is, this is going to be a place where I will write up instructions on how to make a certain building, famous or other. Now I hope I can outline this as best I can, basically I will have downloadable PDF where you will get a how to instructions on how to make that model, plus you get a printable papers that you print out and then cut out the pieces and then you will trace them onto a foam board, and then cut those out then you put the walls of the building together. Next I will have a list of materials that you need to make it, like hot glue, paints, craft sticks, and such. I will have it all a how to and I am trying to make it as close as I can to the real thing. So far I have only 1 other model Idea beside the Mission; Zonnehoek house in Holland, which is my great great grandmas house that has a historical background in WW2, where she and her husband hid Jews in the house from the Germans. I will post more information about it as I get it. If you would like to see a cretin building here please tell me and I will consider putting it up with instructions on how to make it.

Also if you would like to read more about the Zonnehoek story you can go here:, and click on "Zonnehoek" then you can see the book my grandma wrote about it

Here are a few photos of the Zonnehoek house:

Finally making a break through!

Hello once more!

It has been a while since I posted, but that's because I have been trying to convert the 3D mission model to a 2D paper format in which I would be able to print out. I've searched everywhere to convert a 3D model to 2D, but I hadn't found what I wanted so then I got the idea of converting it in the Solidworks program it self, so I made a new part and made a 2D virtual piece of paper which I would go back and forth between the model and the virtual piece of paper and make parts where I could write down the dimensions of a face then make the face on the virtual piece of paper. So after I did a lot of this conversion I came out with 7 virtual pages on Solidworks with all the parts on them. Then I had the problem, how do I now print these out? Well after searching google and YouTube I found what I was looking for, I found a video on how to convert a 3D part or a 2D to a .DWG or .DXF file which I can print out, I will put the link here so if you want to watch it you can. But if you don't feel like watching that right now I will tell you.

Basically he had a 3D model and selected a face, then he clicked "Save" or if you want to "Save as" then instead of saving it as a .SLDPRT he saved it as a .DWG file then he opened it up in a program by Solidworks called "DraftSight" where he had that face as a 2D part of just the outlines of it. So I downloaded the program and tried it out for myself, and it worked, but then I got a little lazy so I took a screenshot and then cropped it out and made the parts that you wanted grey and the parts that you don't want white.

After doing a bunch of conversions I finally got what I wanted, I made the parts that you cut out grey and the places that you don't want; white. This is what they look like, I made a link here

so you could see what I mean. Now all I have to do is cut these out and trace them out of a sheet of Foam Board which then I cut out the parts and put them together with got glue and such. Then I will write up the instructions where you guys could make it yourself!

Modeling a Mission

Hello again!

Lately I have been modeling a Mission using Solidworks and recently finished and recorded me doing it and made it into a timelapse (which can be found here) I am now converting it to printable shapes which can then be photo copied and then trace onto virtual pieces of paper which then I will make a how-to make a Mission. Information about Solidworks: Solidworks a 3D modeling program that is used for engineering, but I use it for modeling buildings and small parts that I need around the house which I will 3D print. I have made the Mission first using Solidworks because then I can get a bearing of what I later have to make a tutorial of. Picture of the mission I made using Solidworks:

Update on the website:

So basicly I am going to have free download link where you can get instructions on how to make one of the buildings I have made a tutorial of, But this will not be free forever so get it when it comes out! More updates will come in a new post

Please follow me on Instagram @BuildsByGideon where you can get updates on my progress with the models!

Hello and Welcome to my Site!

                                                                                         Hello Everyone!

My name is Gideon and I have been making models lately and decided to share some of them ;)

So basically this is how its going to work, on this website I am going to have free PDF downloads where you can get instructions on how to make a certain building plus I will have links to where you can buy the materials you need to make the model. I also post daily on my Instagram account @BuildsByGideon with updates on what I am doing with the modeling. Will be more updates as I decide what to do :)