Texturing My Model

Hello once more!

A few days ago I started work on the texturing of the Model Mission. I got out grout and started painting the front side of it. After a little while, I realized I was getting low on the grout so I went into the garage to get more, well, long story short I couldn't find it and I knew I couldn't do much more because I was planning to do the entire building with grout. Anyway after that I remembered that I found a website that gives free textures, I went there and picked out a few good textures, and then I printed them out. It didn't work because the pictures were way too big. So then I had to put a bunch of them together to make it smaller, and that did the trick. Using the textures the way I did is a great solution to not having enough grout.

If you would like to find the same website and download a bunch of free textures go to www.textures.com where you can download 15 textures a day for free!

Unfortunately this means that I won't be having a 3D textures for the Mission, but I hope it will turn out good. Also if you're wondering how I got the paper textures on the foam, I used shipping label paper for that and it worked out great that way ;)

I got a brick wall texture and a brick roof texture and I made them the right size and scale to the Mission itself. Here are a few pictures of it:

I am hoping to release the tutorial on how to make this soon!

About and What I Am Planning For This Blog

Hey guys welcome back once more!

First off I would like to say is, this is going to be a place where I will write up instructions on how to make a certain building, famous or other. Now I hope I can outline this as best I can, basically I will have downloadable PDF where you will get a how to instructions on how to make that model, plus you get a printable papers that you print out and then cut out the pieces and then you will trace them onto a foam board, and then cut those out then you put the walls of the building together. Next I will have a list of materials that you need to make it, like hot glue, paints, craft sticks, and such. I will have it all a how to and I am trying to make it as close as I can to the real thing. So far I have only 1 other model Idea beside the Mission; Zonnehoek house in Holland, which is my great great grandmas house that has a historical background in WW2, where she and her husband hid Jews in the house from the Germans. I will post more information about it as I get it. If you would like to see a cretin building here please tell me and I will consider putting it up with instructions on how to make it.

Also if you would like to read more about the Zonnehoek story you can go here: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=nl&u=http://www.paul-schiffers.nl/&prev=search, and click on "Zonnehoek" then you can see the book my grandma wrote about it

Here are a few photos of the Zonnehoek house:

Finally making a break through!

Hello once more!

It has been a while since I posted, but that's because I have been trying to convert the 3D mission model to a 2D paper format in which I would be able to print out. I've searched everywhere to convert a 3D model to 2D, but I hadn't found what I wanted so then I got the idea of converting it in the Solidworks program it self, so I made a new part and made a 2D virtual piece of paper which I would go back and forth between the model and the virtual piece of paper and make parts where I could write down the dimensions of a face then make the face on the virtual piece of paper. So after I did a lot of this conversion I came out with 7 virtual pages on Solidworks with all the parts on them. Then I had the problem, how do I now print these out? Well after searching google and YouTube I found what I was looking for, I found a video on how to convert a 3D part or a 2D to a .DWG or .DXF file which I can print out, I will put the link here so if you want to watch it you can. But if you don't feel like watching that right now I will tell you.

Basically he had a 3D model and selected a face, then he clicked "Save" or if you want to "Save as" then instead of saving it as a .SLDPRT he saved it as a .DWG file then he opened it up in a program by Solidworks called "DraftSight" where he had that face as a 2D part of just the outlines of it. So I downloaded the program and tried it out for myself, and it worked, but then I got a little lazy so I took a screenshot and then cropped it out and made the parts that you wanted grey and the parts that you don't want white.

After doing a bunch of conversions I finally got what I wanted, I made the parts that you cut out grey and the places that you don't want; white. This is what they look like, I made a link here

so you could see what I mean. Now all I have to do is cut these out and trace them out of a sheet of Foam Board which then I cut out the parts and put them together with got glue and such. Then I will write up the instructions where you guys could make it yourself!

Modeling a Mission

Hello again!

Lately I have been modeling a Mission using Solidworks and recently finished and recorded me doing it and made it into a timelapse (which can be found here) I am now converting it to printable shapes which can then be photo copied and then trace onto virtual pieces of paper which then I will make a how-to make a Mission. Information about Solidworks: Solidworks a 3D modeling program that is used for engineering, but I use it for modeling buildings and small parts that I need around the house which I will 3D print. I have made the Mission first using Solidworks because then I can get a bearing of what I later have to make a tutorial of. Picture of the mission I made using Solidworks:

Update on the website:

So basicly I am going to have free download link where you can get instructions on how to make one of the buildings I have made a tutorial of, But this will not be free forever so get it when it comes out! More updates will come in a new post

Please follow me on Instagram @BuildsByGideon where you can get updates on my progress with the models!

Hello and Welcome to my Site!

                                                                                         Hello Everyone!

My name is Gideon and I have been making models lately and decided to share some of them ;)

So basically this is how its going to work, on this website I am going to have free PDF downloads where you can get instructions on how to make a certain building plus I will have links to Amazon.com where you can buy the materials you need to make the model. I also post daily on my Instagram account @BuildsByGideon with updates on what I am doing with the modeling. Will be more updates as I decide what to do :)