Architecture - Revit

I love using SketchUp and have been for the past few years. However, it is not as advanced in some qualities as I once thought it was, it has a bunch of great features but is missing several key components and tools as well which makes it difficult for documentation and for setting material properties and the list goes on.

I talked to an architect a while back and asked him what programs he used specifically and he said that he used multiple software engines to get his work done rather than using only one. He gave me a list of programs that he used and said I should learn them all and that each had a certain use even though many could all do the same thing. SketchUp was a good modeling tool but didn't focus on documentation or some other key points. Photoshop was good for finished renderings for project proposals or to envision what the project outcome will look like, and so on and so forth.

He said that each of the programs he outlined were necessary and each had special qualities that all fit together, and each focused on a certain area.

On the list was a program Revit, he suggested I get into that as it is one of the most commonly used and advanced programs for architecture and said that it was a very important program to get to know as it was one of the centerpieces in the way of architectural software engines. He also let me borrow a book to learn the program and said that it was one of the best books for the program and should teach me everything I would need to know about the program.

I put a pause on SketchUp and starting reading into this new program. As I was going through the basics I was amazed at how detailed and simple but advanced, way beyond SketchUp. However I noticed that it was very advanced in some things, SketchUp had other qualities that outdid Revit.

So from all that. I am working to learn Revit and master it.