Drafting - Carpentry

We have a family friend that does carpentry for a living. Last year I started doing some work for him by drawing up the plans that he has. What he normally does is draws the plans up by hand then whenever there needs to be a renovation he re-draws the plan, again by hand. This is very time consuming for him.

Now, he does draw the plans out yes, but after he draws them he sends them to me and then I would draw them up again in SketchUp and send them back. When he needs something changed he would then ask me to move this line 4" forward or up or down. Add a drawer? No problem!

So what I do exactly is take the drawings he gives me then in SketchUp I would re-draw them and cross reference them with the plans he gave me then send them back to him. 

Another thing I do with the drawings though its more of a side project, is making the plans he gives me and turning them into 3D models which I would then make a 3D perspective drawing of them rendering with SU Podium - a rendering system.

The benefit of drawing them up in SketchUp rather then on a piece of paper is making large changes and even small ones are really simple and accurate and harder to loose.

When I start out drawing it I have a few presets I made for doing this particular thing. First one is setting this to what is called Construction Documentation, which is pretty much the same thing as what the default is, however it automatically sets the background to white and starts at a overhead view, which you might think  isn't a big deal but its really handy.

I just use the pencil tool and rectangle tool, pencil draws in one strait line from point a to point b, a rectangle tool allows you to draw a rectangle from one corner to the other with whatever size you want. 

Once I am finished drawing up the plan I send it to Layout. Layout is another program owned by SketchUp that allows you to send plans for the final touches and ready for printing or sending however you choose.

In layout, I add notes, dimensions, dates and title block. I would then double check that the dimensions add up from the plan he gave me and cross reference that it is linked with SketchUp still. Once this is complete I export the final document as a PDF and ready to send out.