Modeling a Mission

Hello again!

Lately I have been modeling a Mission using Solidworks and recently finished and recorded me doing it and made it into a timelapse (which can be found here) I am now converting it to printable shapes which can then be photo copied and then trace onto virtual pieces of paper which then I will make a how-to make a Mission. Information about Solidworks: Solidworks a 3D modeling program that is used for engineering, but I use it for modeling buildings and small parts that I need around the house which I will 3D print. I have made the Mission first using Solidworks because then I can get a bearing of what I later have to make a tutorial of. Picture of the mission I made using Solidworks:

Update on the website:

So basicly I am going to have free download link where you can get instructions on how to make one of the buildings I have made a tutorial of, But this will not be free forever so get it when it comes out! More updates will come in a new post´╗┐

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