SketchUp Podium | Rendering

Since my last post I was playing around trying new things with SU Podium. Created a simple room, 12'x12' and added a couple windows and a bed and hit render.

Before each render I change the rendering definition to fast. This creates a lower quality render but it reduces the time of render by a lot and so making small changes and hitting render over and over takes hardly any time.

The first render came out semi decent, it was just a plain room with about nothing in it. So I added some window frames, curtains, & a picture and hit render again. This time it came out much better, it was starting to look like a room and not just a box.

One thing I did notice though that there wasn't enough light in the room. When I added the windows I didn't think about them being tinted, because they are there isn't as much light coming in. I tried adding some lights and it did add to the render but it was out of place, it was like a black room with a dot of light. It didn't light up the entire room but only a few feet around the lamps.

Then I realized, this render wasn't a actual room and no one could see the other side of the room. So I took out the back wall behind the camera and hit render again. This time the room was flooded with light, almost too bright, I took a paint brush and colored the walls a dark yellow and hit render, this was horrible, there was light but it made the color look really ugly.

I decided to go with a lighter yellow but even so it still seemed like a fake light if you know what I mean. This time I decided upon a very light blue, almost white blue for the walls and that did the trick. It gave it more of a soft light rather then a fake or hard light from the yellow.

After that I added a bunch more detail, another picture, baseboards, window sills, wardrobe, and some odds and ends of random things you might find in a bedroom. After this I did a HD render of it and posted it to my instagram page. 

Here is a photo of the finished render:

And here is a picture of what it looks like from my point of view when rendering:

I started working on another rendering of a room, this time its a living room rather than a bedroom but so far I don't like how its turning out, still playing around with different settings.