SketchUp Podium | Rendering Error

SU podium is a rendering system for SketchUp.

And lately its been having some strange Issues.

When I hit render there is a little icon on the logo down on the task-bar signifying that it is rendering but when I try clicking on it to open the tab nothing happens. I try opening several times but still nothing happens. I try googling the problem but it appears that no one has encountered this issue. Then I try un-installing it and re-installing. I go under the extension manager where I can find extensions I've downloaded in the past.

I find SU podium there but it appears that it has already been shut off.

I'm really confused at this point so I google "how do I uninstall su podium" and apparently SU podium is a program of its own and not a SketchUp extension. 

Now I go under programs and features in my settings. Finally I find SU podium there and hit un-install, nothing happens for a moment then it says uninstall complete even though I still see the tab. I never did figure out why it didn't remove it entirely.

Anyway, so I go to the download site to re-download SU podium. Everything went fine for a couple minutes and when I hit finish installing nothing happened once more. I tried installing it again but still nothing happened.

I re-open SketchUp and SU podium did install after all. I make a test model and hit render. Everything works like it is supposed to but when I try hitting the tab indicating that it is rendering nothing happens as before. Getting kind of frustrated I hover over it and it shows that it is a tab but when I click on it nothing happens.

By accident I right clicked the icon and clicked maximize tab, and it opened! I was really shocked it worked like that.

So it doesn't work like its supposed to but it does open if I click maximize tab. This is really strange and I hope I can fix this in the near future.