SketchUp Tutorials | Toolbars

Toolbars are tabs you can add and remove to your workspace to create a easy and fast way of grabbing the tools you need.

To add and remove toolbars go under Views->Toolbars and select/deselect the desired toolbars. 

Once you enabled the toolbars you want you can drag the outline of the toolbar and snap it to the top, bottom, right or left sides of the screen. 

You can also create your own toolbars and add whatever tools you want to it. To create a new toolbar go under Views->Toolbars->New and it will bring up a tab for you to name the title of your toolbar.

Once you named it and hit "OK" it will bring up an empty toolbar. To add tools to it simply drag tools from your existing toolbars until you are satisfied with what it has. It will also bring up a box under toolbars named to what you set it as. You can create as many toolbars as you like or simply use the ones already created.