Texturing My Model

Hello once more!

A few days ago I started work on the texturing of the Model Mission. I got out grout and started painting the front side of it. After a little while, I realized I was getting low on the grout so I went into the garage to get more, well, long story short I couldn't find it and I knew I couldn't do much more because I was planning to do the entire building with grout. Anyway after that I remembered that I found a website that gives free textures, I went there and picked out a few good textures, and then I printed them out. It didn't work because the pictures were way too big. So then I had to put a bunch of them together to make it smaller, and that did the trick. Using the textures the way I did is a great solution to not having enough grout.

If you would like to find the same website and download a bunch of free textures go to www.textures.com where you can download 15 textures a day for free!

Unfortunately this means that I won't be having a 3D textures for the Mission, but I hope it will turn out good. Also if you're wondering how I got the paper textures on the foam, I used shipping label paper for that and it worked out great that way ;)

I got a brick wall texture and a brick roof texture and I made them the right size and scale to the Mission itself. Here are a few pictures of it:

I am hoping to release the tutorial on how to make this soon!