Machinist Apprentice | New Job and Setting Up a Display Case | Day 1

I just started a new job at a local prototyping CNC shop! Super excited and will get a ton of one on one experience, which is much more than what I could hope for in some of the larger shops! I've mentioned this guy briefly in my previous posts and have helped me quite a bit in my journey!

I'm starting part-time in the mornings for a while, then may move into more hours later on.

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post about the work I do here, so there may be fewer posts due to NDA's.
Today I was tasked with reorganizing and setting up a display case for a lot of the parts he made over the past 30+ years. He also wants me to do some research in finding a laptop suitable for handing Fusion360 (he uses Mastercam but wants me to use Fusion360) and finding the best bang for the buck.