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The bandsaw blade finally came in from MSC Direct, and, unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size.

When I bought this craftsman bandsaw (picked it up on letgo), it didn't have a blade in which I could measure, so I had to figure it out on my own using a clothing measuring tape. It came out to 6 ft 2 inches, so I bought the closest one I could find to that size (6' 1-1/2"). When it came in, I was dismayed to discover that it was too large, and I couldn't tighten it correctly on the machine. I played around a bit and figured something out to get it to work for the time being, though I will order a new blade. 

While I was taking it apart, I spent a little time cleaning out the inside and adjusting everything the guides to a closer fit, basically preventing it from moving side to side while cutting. 

I did a few test cuts on wood and foam (I have yet to try aluminum) and so far no issues, though I did notice a spark or two where the guides are, though I think that may just be the teeth touching them when I put too much force on the machine. Overall though, I'm pretty pleased that I finally have a working bandsaw, and it will speed cutting stock up.