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I haven't had a ton of time recently to work on furthering my self-education on the Pocket NC, and that's mostly due to work and possible new job opportunities. 

One of the things I love doing in between projects is browsing Youtube for CNC related videos through suggested content and some of my favorite creators. I mostly do this for entertainment but also learning how things work and how different people solve problems they face. It's refreshing to see how machines work and the process behind making parts. I like to think of it as a memory bank where ideas tie into each other and help with quick problem solving and thinking outside the box. It also helps me get more familiar with the jargon of the machining world and the benefits of specific ways of doing things over others.

I've especially enjoyed @grimsmoknives videos that started as quarantine vlogs and now morphed into the life around his shop. He's super open with the processes behind his knife making and not afraid to show where he failed or messed up, and getting back up on the horse to try again. 

Another machinist that I love watching is @saundersmachineworks on his Youtube channel NYC CNC. I've logged countless hours from his videos alone and have gained so much knowledge from the tutorials and demo files. Quite a bit of the information I can't use right away, but I'm able to store that for future use, and it helps with a general understanding of the machines that I won't have access to for a while yet.