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One of the main issues I ran into when making the pendant on the Pocket NC was to clamp the bar stock. The current vice system that comes with the machine is designed more for square-shaped material and not ideal for thin rectangles. It's pretty easy to get into the existing system, but you have to bring it so far forward that you have almost no tool length left to cut the backside of the material if you're doing a multi-axis part. 

I liked Winston Moy's low profile design, where he had a hard stop close to the center of the b-table, and you would thread your stock to attach it to the new clamp. The downside to his model was the threading aspect of it, threading takes time, and you need the tools to do it. That's where I came up with a very similar model where you just have through holes on the bar stock. You would then put two screws through those holes and the clamp to a steel nut (steel vs. threading the aluminum for strength) on the other side and tighten it. It will still be a pain to make those holes but much faster than threading them. 

One of the issues I ran into was the platform in which to attach the new clamp. Since I would be removing the existing vice system, I wouldn't have anything to attach it to. A huge thank you to Design The Everything from Instagram; we were talking about tooling and the purposes of endmill coating when he offered to send me a plate design that fits over where the standard clamp would. It's a 3/16" circular disk with holes to match the ones on the b-table. It would require some work to get the new vice to fit, but since its a clean workpiece (minus the holes), it's ideal for this situation.

I had some extra time, so I also decided to animate the assembly and how it worked.