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A couple of days ago, my sister asked if I would be able to machine a custom piece of jewelry to give as a gift to one of her friends. I thought the idea would be an exciting challenge, so I took it on.

The design was pretty basic, the trinity symbol in the back, and a musical note in front. I used images I found online and turned them into SVG files, which I imported into Fusion360, from there I was able to extrude the pieces I wanted and smoothed over the edges to give it a more delicate feel. She wanted it to be a necklace in aluminum, so I would need to add a hoop at the top to pass a chain through. 

Since she wanted it in aluminum, I wanted to do the model first in wax to see if any modifications would be necessary that wouldn't be obvious on screen. The entire operation took about an hour and a half, and I used three different tools to do the milling job. First was the 1/8" 4 flute ball endmill to do the bulk of the material removal. Next up, I used a 1/16" 4 flute ball bit to get the finer details in that the larger 1/8" couldn't understand. And finally was a 1/32 ball-tipped vee bit, this allowed me to get those tiny details around the side of the musical note. I'm a little bit dreading the aluminum process as I haven't done any aluminum cuts on this specific machine yet. 

I'm incredibly pleased with the whole project so far, and I have to say its one of my favorites so far.