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Made a little more progress on the part for @jaelen_hsu. I've been swamped lately with other work, so I haven't had a tremendous amount of time to work on this project.

Currently working through the best toolpaths for this type of part, I am taking my time and set up all the settings for each endmill and toolpath to make future workflow fast and easy. Taking advantage of sketch geometry in my CAM setups to make boundaries easier to select, which opens me up to many more toolpath options. 

I played around a bit to find what the best types of toolpaths were ideal for milling out these small areas and found that the 2D adaptive and pocket clearing worked the best. But I'm curious to know what other people may use, and would be very interested in everyone's thoughts on how it might be done most efficiently. If I get permission from the owner of the model, I will share the file during and after finished with the part with videos showing the operations in action. 

For this, I am doing an adaptive clearing for the front and back of the part using a 3/16" square endmill, then a bunch of pocketing and adaptive toolpaths for making the smaller features using a 1/16" square endmill.