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I'm trying something a bit different from the Pocket NC since I have limited time, and that is to restrict it even further by only allowing myself 30 minutes each day, which will give me time to think about it more and ask the community. 

This part is the first of a set that I am teaming up with @jaelen_hsu to make. I'm using the er40 fixture setup on the PNC with a 1" round aluminum stock. It's got quite a few interesting angles and is going to be a challenge, which I am very excited about!

While programming it (started with adaptive clearing to remove the bulk of the material), I did a pocketing operation with a 1/8" endmill to clean out those holes. However, I noticed that the ramping on it was quite long, and once it reached it's pre-defined stepdown, it would retract and do it all over again. I recorded a short video showing what's happening, and I haven't had a huge amount of time to play around with it. But I do know it's not directly related to the ramping section in the linking tab. If anyone has any insight on this issue or a better way to clear out those pockets, let me know!