Machinist Apprentice | Calibrating the Haas VF2ss Part 2 | Day 13

Today I got to finish up the calibration system and learn how to square the vice and setup the workpiece.

To locate your workpiece to match the program, you use what's called G54. For instance, let's say you have a 4" square block of aluminum, and you want to find it in the jaws; you would use the probe to touch off each of the four faces to divide then and find the exact center (work origin). It sounds more complicated than it is, and there are preset programs to do it all for you after setting in some necessary information. 

I spent a frustrating 20 minutes trying to figure out why the probing would keep failing on the Y-axis direction until I found out that you had to be pretty close to the approximate center for it to work correctly (approx 0.25"). 

After I got the stock probed, Wayne set up a quick program to test how I did for the whole calibration system. The tool touch off probe wasn't working like it should and wouldn't bring the tools down low enough for the endmill to touch off. It turns out I just forgot to add the height of the ring gauge when setting it up yesterday. 

Once everything I got everything dialed in correctly, Wayne ran the operation he set up, and off it went! He did the blanket like form to test if there was an issue with finishing toolpaths in the Z direction (unrelated to what I did) which is why he sent off the 5-axis table.