Machinist Apprentice | Cleaning Haas VF2ss & Minimill | Day 3

My boss permitted me to post images and videos of some of the non-proprietary parts/machines, so I'll be able to explain and show a lot more of what I'm learning!

Today I was tasked with cleaning two more Haas machines, the VF 2ss and Minimill. These machines took much longer to wash as there were harder to reach places, and some tools loaded part of the time. It consisted of removing chips and coolant from the insides of the machines to have a clean workspace. 

Wayne (my boss) also showed me how to boot up, jog, and enable the coolant hose for washing things down. I got about three 5-gallon buckets full of chips that have been sitting there for some time. 

Overall though, these machines seem much less daunting to operate than they were when I watched videos online, and a lot of what I learned online is making sense with a real-life machine to practice them on.