Machinist Apprentice | Cleaning Manual Machines & Tool Sorting | Day 4

Today I was tasked with cleaning some of the manual machines and sweeping the shop.
The manual machines consisted of Samson CNC, Hardinge lathe, and Clouding lathe. I got to learn how to jog the machines around and oil the joints. I have just about no knowledge or experience with lathe's (apart from the basics), so cleaning them helped me better understand how they work.

He also had a bunch of used endmills, drill bits, taps, counter boars, and center drills to sort through.

One of the bits I found interesting and never seen before was a three flute drill bit, I've never seen one with more than two before and almost mistook it for an endmill. They are used for more delicate and accurate work, mostly for steels due to the heat it builds up.

It was tedious but oddly calming going through the bunch. Some of the smaller ones got difficult to sort by flutes when they went down to 0.006" and smaller. I'm thrilled I spent as much time as I did watch random machining videos as it helped me much with quickly identifying each of the tools and their purpose, as well as general machining lingo around the shop.