Machinist Apprentice | Cleaning the Haas TL1 Lathe | Day 2

Today I worked on cleaning out the Haas TL1 Lathe, which was full of chips leftover from previous operations. Unfortunately, I am not able to post images yet of the projects I am working on, and so will use pictures of the same machines from online.

It was pretty straightforward and didn't take long to remove the bulk of the chips (mostly consisting of acrylic and aluminum) through the output bin on the bottom right of the machine (see picture). I then blew out all the remains with an air compressor, then wiping everything down with a wet rag. He also showed me how to start up the machine and jog it around. I then took a grease gun and filled the ports around the Z-axis to keep them well lubricated. Cleaning the chips from the output bin wasn't too bad, but there were still some remains of milling lubricant, which made things slightly sticky. 

He then had me clean up and replace blades on both of his bandsaw's and wipe them down. He also showed me some tips throughout the day while he was working on his contracted parts. 

He is super open to teaching and is a fantastic boss thus far, and I'm very blessed to have this opportunity to work in his shop and one on one training with a guy that is willing and wants to teach!