Machinist Apprentice | Deeper Cleaning | Day 32

Today I spent the entire day at the shop scrubbing the floors to get them to shine!

I was initially tasked with finishing the corner of the shop, where I didn't have time to do a few weeks ago. Still, after doing that with some heavier cleaning supplies (scotch bright and degreaser), it looked too clean compared to the area around it, and so went through and cleaned the rest of the floors. There is quite a contrast with the before and after, and I thought what I did a few weeks ago was good, it was nowhere near what it was today. 

The downside to using the scotch bright is it removes the seal on the floor but was already scratched up so bad it didn't make a huge difference. My boss is going to have me redo all the floors by sanding, polishing, and sealing when the shop gets slow. 

Wayne also got another contract, which I'll be working on tomorrow. It's a large 7"x3"x1/2" plate in stainless with some unusual geometry to work around.