Machinist Apprentice | Finishing up the Stainless Steel Part | Day 37

Today I finished up the steel plate part and got it packaged up.

One area I was kind of nervous about was getting these small tight corners with a few angles meeting all at one spot. The original plan was to come in with a 1/16" square endmill, and adaptive clear out the material, leaving five thou on the walls, then contour it with the same tool. However when I sent the machine running, the endmill snapped right after it touched the material, I am honestly not sure why the chip load on it was well what it could handle, and there were no direct plunges into the content. 

Unfortunately, there weren't any other 1/16" square 4 flute endmills like that long enough to get the whole wall, so I had to revert to using a 1/8" one, this meant I couldn't quite get the corner to how it was drawn but got within ten thou, which is acceptable for this part.

Once getting that corner done, I used a contouring toolpath with a 1/16" ball endmill to finish the chamfer along the edge of the part, using four thou stepovers, which gave an excellent finish. I then took the 1/4" square endmill I used to cut the piece out to finish off the walls of the plate removing the five thou I let behind. Stainless steel makes me very nervous about running anything on, and I quadruple checked each operation I posted. 

I had extra time before the end of my shift so I thoroughly cleaned out the Haas Minimill and typed up a quick checklist reminder for setting up and tearing down at the end of the day.