Machinist Apprentice | Gifts from the Boss!

I'm honestly so blessed with this fantastic job and wonderful boss. Wayne bought me a machinist toolbox, edge finder, and my pair of Mitutoyo digital calipers! He's been a remarkable mentor thus far and wants to see me succeed all the most as much as I do, it seems! He's shown me a lot of useful tips around the shop, how to machine delicate parts with ease, tool identification, machine operation, and has given me a lot of freedom to figure things out on my own as well with setting up the Haas edge and tool probes. I don't think I could have asked for a better boss than I have, and I'm looking forward to the months and years ahead!

I'm sure there aren't many Sixteen-year-Olds out there that have this kind of opportunity, and I thank the Lord every day for giving it to me.