Machinist Apprentice | Haas VF1 Cleaning & Tool Sorting | Day 15

Today I was mainly focused on cleaning the Haas VF1, inside and out to be ready for contract work. Pretty much the same process as the previous machines, spraying the inside down with the coolant hose, then removing the chips and wiping everything down. 

Wayne also got a couple of contract parts for me to work on using Fusion360, which I am incredibly excited for! The pieces are somewhat simple in design, so they shouldn't be too tricky to mill out. One will be in 301 stainless steel, small oval-shaped parts with very little geometry; need to make 16 of these in 1/4" square stock with each one side by side. I can't go into too many of the details as I am not sure how propriety the parts are and will leave it at that for the time being. The other job is a two-piece part, one lower and upper half to with somewhat complex shapes a box apes and requiring a two side operation using soft jaws. 

The computer arrived shortly after I left work today, so I'll be setting it up and programming the parts tomorrow, which I am very stoked for!