Machinist Apprentice | More Fusion360 Programing | Day 18

Nothing too special today, much the same as yesterday programming another similar part and double-checking my speeds and tool orders. 

I also figured out the issue I was having with post-processing to Haas machines. The error I was getting was related to the program name; it requires that you only have numbers, and a minimum amount (in this case 4) and no letters. However, you can change the name after generating the G-code when you save the file. 

I also started programming one of the parts that were to be made in Copper but didn't make too much progress due to some complicated features in the part I wasn't sure how to mill out. It had an interior pocket with the edges filleted to a metric value. I attempted just to use a metric ball endmill to get that corner, but I kept getting weird finishes in the simulation.