Machinist Apprentice | New Laptop and Fusion360 CAM Programing | Day 16

The new work laptop arrived yesterday, so I spent this morning setting it all up! The computer is a Dell laptop, not sure what make or model, but it runs well with Fusion360 thus far and is about twice as fast generating g-code as my Lenovo ThinkPad.

I also started programming one of the parts I mentioned yesterday. It proved to be a bit more complicated than I initially thought, as it requires two operations and flipping the piece over. I've never made or used soft jaws before, so I'm not entirely sure if I programmed it correctly (will be going over the CAM tomorrow with my boss) and had to do some research on how to make them. Huge thank you to @saundersmachineworks (NYC CNC) for the many videos on this subject!

The material is Stainless Steel, and after doing a bit of looking around online, it's relatively difficult to cut. Thankfully Fusion360 has some suggested speeds and feeds for them already, which are very handy. I'm not sure if its a recent update or not, but I don't recall seeing this library of preset S&F in the tool library before. I was able to get this whole part down to only three tools, a 1/2" 5fl sq endmill for facing, then a 1/8" 5fl sq endmill for the adaptive clearing, and finally, a 1/16" ball endmill for the fillets on the top face. 

The programing itself took much longer than I would have liked, but there was a slight learning curve to figure out how to locate the part, and what tools to use.