Machinist Apprentice | Organizing Stock Shelves Part 1 | Day 6

Today's project was working on reorganizing the old material stock shelf, mostly consisting of 6061 aluminum, with some steels, plastics, and titanium. 

It took me about 3.5 hours to do just the plastics shelf. A lot of the time, I had to figure out what the materials where. Jsut about all the black plastics were almost identical as far as looks and weight go, though there where slight differences in the texture and feel to them. Thankfully the metal one should be easier as most of it is marked by the manufacturer, and everything that's not is pretty significantly different.

I also got to startup the Minimill and load/unload the tools for the next operation on my own.

Wayne also asked if I would be interested in taking an in-person 2-day class at one of the Haas shops down in Union CA on operating the machines. The main reason he wants me to take it is not that he can't teach me it himself, but that he may not be the most efficient/effective with it and wants me to learn the right way. I have yet to find the date, but I'm pretty excited to be working on the machines!