Machinist Apprentice | Organizing Stock Shelves Part 2 | Day 7

Today I got to finish up the stock shelves and got them looking real pretty. 

I finished up the stock organization today. Nothing too special just sorted it by material and size. Got a real workout with the larger pieces there, the largest ones there I think it weighed about 100lbs and were an absolute pain to move.
On the end, closest to where I took the picture is a bunch of old tables/beds for clamping more significant parts to match their unique shape. Essentially a bed version of soft jaws. 

It mostly consisted of 6061 Aluminum, some, 7070, 7075, brass, copper, titanium, magnesium, bars of steel (not sure what grades), and a brass-aluminum compound.

Nothing too exciting today, but it helped me much with identifying different aluminum by their appearance and weight.