Machinist Apprentice | Shipping the 5-Axs Bed on the Haas VF2ss Back | Day 10

Today was focused on the VF2ss, cleaning, and sending the VF 2ss 5 axis table off to Haas to get it worked on. It had some issues a while back and hasn't been very operational.

My boss had a custom mini gantry crane made to slide next to the VF2, its got one leg bolted to the floor on one side, and the other leg is on wheels which pivots on the first; this allows for smooth movement and rigidity. It makes taking vices in and out very easy and safe. I believe he said this one weighs 500lbs, and he's tried lifting it with two other guys before, but it wasn't very reliable/safe.

I also spent a few hours deep cleaning the machine inside and out. The coolant is some nasty stuff, very sticky when it sits for an extended period of time and takes forever to cleanout. Somehow it got on the exterior of the machine and had to use a scraper to get the bulk of it, then wipe it down with a degreasing cleaner.

It's looking much better now and will be much easier to keep clean in the future.