Machinist Apprentice | Workpiece Setup and Machining | Day 8

Today I got to set and pick out load and set all the tools for this operation by myself off of a worksheet. I'm starting to get the hang of some of the controls on the machine!

Also got to make soft Jaws for it as well, nothing too special, just a block of aluminum cut down with about a 0.25" square lip on both sides. Throughout all this, Wayne is sharing a lot of interesting tips he uses for making better quality parts. One is when making the soft long soft Jaws like this, if you put a piece of thick paper in at the edges when clamping it, it will leave a slight bow in the center after you cut out the outlines. Then when you load your stock, the outer edges will have some clamping force rather than just the center. Another is with milling groves where the material might be floating slightly on its own; he uses clay to pack into the air to prevent vibrations that could cause surface finish issues.

I'm unfortunately not allowed to show the part itself, so it's blurred. It's a large plate with a few holes in it, not entirely sure what it's purpose is—pretty essential two-part operation.

Another thing he taught me how to do was locate the part when flipping it over using the holes in the plate. Got to use a dial indicator and brought it down to about 0.0004" intolerance with the center of the tunnel. It took a bit to get the hang of as I wasn't entirely sure what I was looking for, but after I got it going, it was quite fun seeing how close I could get it.