Oneshop Redding | Aluminum Cutting Bits | CNC Shapeoko

I recently purchased some new endmills from Toolstoday for cutting aluminum. I bought from Toolstoday mostly because of their Instagram page, where they show off different tools performing different tasks decided to pick up a few.

I've got four here, and each has a different purpose. 

First, we've got a 1/32" vee bit with a ball end. Which is for excellent detail finishes, which moves quickly but with small stepover passes; this allows for smooth 3d surface finish. I've wanted to do some smaller detail projects, and this is perfect for what I've got in mind.
The next tool over from the left is a 1/4" chamfer bit; this isn't as exciting but serves an instrumental purpose; it shapes the corners to get rounded off slightly. With its 90deg tip comes down and barely touches an edge to give it a slight chamfer, I've wanted one of these for some time now as all my previous operations ended with sharp edges. Unfortunately, I didn't see any explicitly for cutting aluminum, so I picked up a steel cutting one and am hoping it will work just the same.

Third from the left is a 1/4" single flute square mill; this is for general use to hog out material and is going to be used probably the most out of all of these. After talking a bit with a local machinist, I realize now that the single flute was perhaps not the best idea with my setup. The Shapeoko 3 has a 3/4 horsepower router, which can't build-up to the speeds sufficient for it to cut optimally. I need to do more research into why it's not ideal, but I've got a pretty good idea.

And last but not least is the 1/8" single flute square bit. It has the same purpose as the quarter-inch endmill but allows to obtain smaller detail. Which wasn't entirely necessary, but it's always nice to have a smaller one lying around.