Oneshop Redding | Building a Workbench for My New Workspace| Woodworking

Since Oneshop is closing down, I needed to find a new space to put the Pocket NC and settled upon the home garage. It was mostly empty, and other family members didn't frequent it too often, so it was the ideal choice. I only had a couple of white folding tables in there previously, so I decided to build a workbench to have a more solid workspace. I still had access to Oneshop which wouldn't be closing for a while yet so I wanted to do the project there.

I liked the design my grandfather used to build him, so I recreated it in Fusion360 and modified it to my liking. I did do some research online to see what other people did for making worktables, and for the most part, they all followed the same general design using 2x4's for the support and plywood for the top.

I had some extra time to play around with the design, so I went over to the drawing section of Fusion to make some basic plans I could follow when building it with measurements and diagrams showing how it all fitted together. I was already somewhat familiar with how the projects should look to minimize any repetition.

I used 1/2" plywood I found lying around at Oneshop and used that for the top of the worktable. For the legs, I had initially designed it to use 4x4" boards, but lowes didn't have any readily available when I went in, so I decided to double up on 2x4" instead. The whole process only took me about 4 hours to assemble, including some sanding. All in all, the entire project only cost me about $40 to build, which I am delighted as other tutorial videos I've seen fall around $100.