Oneshop Redding | Machine Pausing and Starting at Incorrect Height | Pocket NC

Like I mentioned in my last post, I was not able to complete the aluminum impeller due to weird machine outputs. I would run the operation, and it would seem all fine for about a minute then when moving in on its z height, it would incorrectly think it was in position when about 1/4" away and start it's cut. I thought maybe it was just a programming error and went to check the operation simulator and found it worked as it should. In addition to this, it would also periodically pause every couple seconds, then continue. I took a video of the issue and sent it to the support team @pocket_nc for their advice. 

Here is the video I sent them: 

They got back to me within an hour with a few possible solutions to my problem though they said that since this is their Kickstarter model, they didn't have as much information and problem-solving solutions as their newer ones.

They said the issue could be chips interfering with the wiring on the stepper motors causing it to think it's moved when it hasn't. The solution is to thoroughly clear out all the debris on and around the machine. As for the pausing issue, they think the issue is related to the yellow pause button on the front of the Pocket NC and that something inside might be either pressing it or sending a signal to halt the operation then continue. 

I just finished cleaning the machine and even lightly lubricated some of the moving parts with Super Lube (synthetic grease). I just started the same side operation that I had errors yesterday, and I am crossing my fingers this works!