Raised Garden Bed Project | Woodworking

My parents wanted to get back into gardening again and wanted me to make a raised garden bed help with growing and to keep good soil from getting mixed in with the dead dirt of where we live. 

I looked around online for what other people did first and then came up with the design. I would have the legs and cross beams be out of 4"x4"s and the structural bit between those out of 2"x4"s. I wanted the bottom base of the bed to be sloped into the center to drain water. I would then place chicken wire along the walls and floor of the garden to give it more integrity, so the dirt isn't putting so much pressure on the corners of the wood. I then would use a black plastic sheet and cover the chicken wire to prevent the wood from molding and having to be replaced as soon. 

Once I was pleased with the design, I took it into the drawing section of Fusion360 and made some plans I could follow while building it. It's especially helpful to put it in a drawing format because it saves so much time from trying to problem solve on the go and potentially make more mistake cuts. I also had an angled board, which I've never done in a project before, so I was able to find the angle very quickly at a glance at my project.

I did have to make some modifications to the garden box on the fly to save on time and money, so the outcome was somewhat different than the design. I was also able to take advantage of using new wall siding we had to lie around for the walls of the bed.