SketchUp | Recent Problems I've Had

I have had many problems and errors while using SketchUp and today I will talk a little about one of the experiences I have had

I don't know if its just me but throughout the entire time I've been using SketchUp I have encountered so many errors and problems with SketchUp its not even funny. Well, I will get right down to it, about 2 weeks ago my brother asked me if I could make a 3D model of a logo in a writers curriculum. Its called "One Year Adventure Novel" and teaches you how to write a book properly. There is also a forums for it and on there he decided to make a knife and send it to the owner with it engraved with their logo .He had made the knife and needed the 3D model to send with his knife to a person who can then engrave the logo into his knife.

So I started from scratch and built the model he wanted. First I made the outline of the compass then started bringing it out and turned it into a 3D model and came up with this: I sent it to my brother which in turn sent it to the Engraver guy. The next day the guy replied saying that the model was built wrong and so I had to go through and figure out what I did wrong. Couldn't find anything that was amiss but re-modeled it anyway. Sent it strait to the guy and he still had problems, then I figured maybe he was having problems with the model being hollow which hadn't made a difference to me when I had it to 3D print. Anyway long story short I filled in the model and sent it to the guy again. Once more he had a problem loading it into his program.

I had one of my brothers help on this (Nicholas Harris). He figured out the problem pretty quick, the only trouble was putting it into action. Turns out the problem wasn't with the model itself it was behind it, I will explain. When you engrave something you upload a 3D model and it will cut it out, well the problem was that it had no sense of depth without a background to tell it where it should stop off. We tried several different things and sent it to the guy hoping that the problem was solved. Well, its been over a week now and no reply from the guy, so we don't know if it works or if it has another problem and just doesn't want go any further. Until further news this is the end of the post, thanks for reading!