SketchUp Tutorial | Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Throughout modeling in SketchUp using shortcuts can speed up things and be more helpful than finding the tool you need. We will start by opening the shortcuts tab. Go to Window->Preferences this will bring up this tab: 

  • Select the Shortcuts tab from the side list of tabs. This will update the tab so that looks like this:

  • You cannot use numbers as a preset. The reason you cannot set keyboard shortcuts to numbers because it would interfere with the measurements when modeling. You also can't use shortcuts that SketchUp has set aside for other tools. You can, however, change those in the shortcuts tab.
  • To add shortcuts simply search in the filter bar of the Shortcuts tab for the tool you wish to add a shortcut. To the left of the tab type the key you wish to use as a shortcut in the Add Shortcut box:
  •  Then select the + icon and this will add the shortcut to the Assigned box:
  • This, signifying that it has already been assigned a shortcut.
  • You can search for any tool in SketchUp and add a shortcut. The most common and most used tools will already have a shortcut assigned to them but you can change it by adding a new one in the box above.