Strive vs Survive | What I Know Now 15

I've found that I feel two major things, and they define how I show up for those around me. Those two things are striving and surviving.

If you're sick, down, or depressed, you tend to have a self-centered outlook on life, and I see this as the survival mode. I find that if things don't pan out the way I expected at work and I'm absolutely exhausted when I get back, I don't feel like assisting those around me. I don't look for opportunities to serve and give. This leads to inaction in my own projects and a blah feeling, which causes me to sit on the couch for hours watching videos.

Compared to the strive mode, where you are going places, you make and set goals, you push for bigger and better things, and you're excited to see the challenges you might face. Being in the strive mode, you are the most giving and want to build people up; you want to do something great! You're ready for anything and want to take on new projects and fight big battles!

Getting out of the survive and into the strive mode has been something I've been trying to figure out for some time, and I think part of the reason is how much you do day today. If you're constantly pushing and rarely take a breather, it drains you and puts you in a state of trying to survive the day. Brendon Burchard uses the method of leaving your feelings and emotions when you transition to a different work or situation setting. He does light meditation, releases all the pent up emotions from those things he just finished and came into the new situation with a clear mind and ready for anything that might come!