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Home Workspace | Voice Over Recording | Premiere Pro

I finally faced my fear and put together the voice over for my unboxing and setup of the Pocket NC.

Before making the video, I was talking to Winston Moy, and he said that pretty much no matter what I did, the first videos would be incredibly cringy.

I used premiere pro to do the recording and initially wasn't going to use a script to read from, but after stumbling over my words and not knowing what to say, I decided just to make one as I went. Quite a bit of the information I originally had in it was pointless as you could see it in the video, so I only kept what was not as obvious, and that seemed to work out pretty well. I recorded in mini segment clips with a blue snowball microphone, and I didn't think about background noise, so the recording quality isn't the greatest. 

I am going to try and challenge myself to put out two videos a month, if not once a week, to get used to recording myself. I believe that video content making will have some part in my future, and I figured I might as well start early. One thing I keep telling myself is, "you can only go up from here" and "you have to do it sometime, so get it over with now." Also, I kind of realize that next to no one will ever see the video anyway, so that's somewhat comforting.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with; I committed to myself that I would get it done today, so there is a ton of room for improvement. 

Home Workspace | Video Editing | Adobe Premiere Pro

At long last, I have finished the video aspect of the unboxing and setup of the Pocket NC. I plan on doing a voice-over explaining what I am doing and what issues I ran into while setting it up sometime this or next week. I've been putting off working on it mostly because I haven't done anything like it before.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and was able to follow a few different tutorials online. I ran into some weird issues where when I tried exporting the video, it would only take the visual footage and natural noises and not the music, which I was able to fix by restarting the program. Premiere Pro isn't super clear when exporting in different video formats like mp4 style formats (that Instagram accepts) and so I had to find the scientific names for them.