The Most Rebellious Thing You Can Do As a Teen | What I Know Now 13

I am extremely grateful for my family. I've grown much closer to my parents and siblings this year and have much deeper connections with each of them!

I'd say one of the biggest mindset changes I've had this year was asking and taking the advice of parents and mentors. In the past, I would want to figure everything out on my own, and I still struggle with this, but I've come to realize that there really isn't anything new, and most of what I am going through has already been figured out or gone through by others. So why not just take their advice, and save me the headache? This has been a question I've asked myself a lot when I go down the path of trying to do things all on my own. I think the answer is pride. I want to be the guy who figured it all out; I don't want to take assistance as it could be seen as weak.

But on the other hand, I absolutely don't want to be the guy that goes along with the crowd. Coming to find out that many people try to figure things out on their own is the "popular" thing to do, turned me away from wanting to do that. So started my journey of asking, researching, and testing solutions to problems I was having, and going about it in a non-conventional way. Asking my parents for advice and heeding it is about the most rebellious thing I can do!

All my life, I wanted to be extraordinary, different. Starting in my teens to work toward setting myself up for the future has been one of the most "different" ways I can be. I don't want to take the heavily trodden path; I want to take the path that few have gone. I want to take advice from people and not disregard it.

Key take away:
1) There are so much value and wisdom from those more experienced than me, and just asking can save you many headaches
2) People want to help you
3) Taking advice from older, wiser people is about the most rebellious thing you can do as a teen.